Top 3 Mistakes Homebuyers Can Avoid by Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

By November 26, 2019Real Estate
Top 3 Mistakes Homebuyers Can Avoid by Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer blog image

Buying your first home can be an overwhelming and expensive process. You may consider approaching some items on the to-do list with a DIY mentality, hiring as few people as possible to save on a few expenses. We support these homebuyers in this quest for frugality, but there are many critical mistakes you can make by not having a legal professional at your side.


Here are the top 3 mistakes you can easily avoid by hiring a real estate attorney.

Dealing with Mountains of Paperwork

When it comes to home buying, plenty of people get caught up in the aesthetics of the houses that they don’t stop to think about a major part of the process: the paperwork. Some loan documents can be as many as 100 pages in length, so unless you have the patience and focus to sit through it all and sign every dotted line, your best bet may be to hire an attorney who is very familiar with these long legal documents.


Missing Out on Home Inspections

We understand that people can be in a rush to buy a home, but failing to have a proper home inspection done can lead to costly issues when it’s far too late. With a real estate lawyer, one of the first things they’ll do is recommend one of the best home inspectors to ensure your home is up to both your standards and the city’s standards.


Expecting Legal Advice from a Real Estate Agent

One of the most common mistakes that first-time homebuyers make is not hiring a real estate attorney and instead expecting their real estate agent to help them with the legal needs of a home purchase. This is not a great idea because while real estate agents are very helpful, they are first and foremost responsible for helping their clients buy or sell their house, and are likely not willing or capable of providing you with legal advice. It’s always best to have your own representation so that your legal needs are met during the home buying process.



Buying a home is a complicated process with many fees and challenges that most people aren’t familiar with, but that’s where our team can help. Give the legal professionals at LaCava Law Firm a call today at 630-444-7504 or visit us online and see what other risks and challenges our team can handle for you.


Disclaimer: This blog post is provided by LaCava Law Law, LLC for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. You should consult with a local attorney regarding your specific situation.

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