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Contract Manufacturing Agreements

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Why use an attorney for your contract manufacturing agreement?

Drafting and negotiating contracts is sometimes a tedious task that requires diligence and skill. Strict attention to detail and patience are really required to be effective. Simple errors can be costly, and a contract can hinge on the definition of one single word. In such a scenario you will want a professional who can put his or her skills to work for you.

In this area, LaCava Law Firm, LLC excels. Our attorney has developed a niche practice in the food and beverage contract manufacturing industry where he drafts and negotiates contracts on behalf of clients all over the United States. Michael has helped clients from co-manufacturers to start-ups and has worked on contracts with some very well-known brands in the food and beverage space. So, when it comes to your contract manufacturing needs, Michael can help!

Michael LaCava Attorney

Michael LaCava

Attorney  //  LaCava Law Firm, LLC

Attorney Michael LaCava has a remarkable passion for helping people navigate the intricate realms of real estate and estate planning, and his journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to both his professional pursuits and his role as a devoted family man.

Since 2013, Michael has honed his skills to become a trusted advisor for individuals seeking guidance in their property transactions and estate planning endeavors. His expertise extends beyond the technicalities of the law, as he is genuinely committed to understanding his clients’ unique needs and ensuring their financial and legal well-being.

Outside the professional realm, Michael finds comfort and joy in his role as a family man. He is a loving husband to his wife, Melanie, and a devoted father to three awesome kids. In his free time, you’ll find Michael and his family immersed in a variety of activities. From camping trips that bring them closer to nature, to fishing adventures that instill a love for the outdoors, to sporting events where  Michael enthusiastically cheers on and coaches his kids in their various sports, Michael cherishes these moments as opportunities to connect and share his life’s journey with family and friends. 444-7504
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Michael LaCava Attorney

LaCava Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to providing affordable, responsive, and personal service to each client.

Our commitment to each client remains consistent, we treat each client with the professional attention and service they deserve, without cutting corners. The results of that dedication are evident in the reputation we have built. Our clients love us for good reason, we deliver and provide the level of service we promise.

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