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Why work with an estate planning?

If you are in search of an Estate Planning attorney near Geneva, IL, our Attorney may be able to help. Estate Planning is not a one size fits all type of plan. Estate planning takes careful thought and attention to detail. When choosing the right estate planning attorney to help you with your estate, you should choose carefully. Located in Geneva, IL, Attorney Michael LaCava has the firm attention to detail needed assist you with your estate planning needs, so you can rest assured knowing your estate plan is up to date, comprehensive, and properly structured. Michael practices in several key aspects of estate planning, including:

As an Estate Planning Attorney near Geneva, IL, Attorney Michael LaCava has the knowledge of to meet your estate planning needs, and will help make plans for your estate with the highest levels of care and privacy. Contact Michael by phone at (630) 444-7504 or use our inquiry form to start planning your estate today.

What happens if I don’t have a will?

If you were to pass away without a will, the status of your estate would be ‘intestate’. This means that state law will determine how your estate is distributed. This can include any property, bank accounts, or assets you have.

Make sure your wishes are known before a situation arises that you can’t control. Working with an Estate Planning Attorney near Geneva, IL such as Michael LaCava ensures that your assets are provided to your loved ones according to your estate plan and direction, not according to intestate state laws.

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How can I establish a will or trust?

Working with an estate planning attorney can take a lot of the guesswork out of the process and ensure that your Will or Trust is drafted and executed correctly. Michael will work with you to determine the following key aspects of your estate:

  1. Selecting beneficiaries
  2. Choice of Executor or Trustee
  3. Selection of a guardian for minor children
  4. Selection of the right provisions to meet your estate planning needs
  5. Selection and execution of a power of attorney

Questions about how to get started with your estate plan? Michael is always available to answer your concerns. Reach out to Michael today to get more details on planning your estat

How can I get started on planning my estate?

Contact Michael today by calling (630) 444-7504 or email Michael directly. Michael practices in the greater Geneva, IL area, and is available for a free initial consultation.

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